Dazzle Indirect Marketing Synergy (D.I.M.S)
Network marketing systems which operate with products are still the best form of marketing all over the world thus DAZZLE SHEA BUTTER INDUSTRIES LTD is proud to launch the simplest yet most genuine Network Marketing scheme that will put smiles on the faces of all distributors of the scheme. You can call it network marketing but we call it DAZZLE INDIRECT MARKETING SYNERGY (DIMS)
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Dazzle Indirect Marketing Synergy (D.I.M.S.) is one of the shortest yet best marketing systems in the world today.

Behold, some of our awardees
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Our Brand

Dazzle Shea Butter Industries Ltd has been at the fore front of Shea Butter business in Nigeria since 2013, making very strong and visible impact in the South-South. She is a member of NASPAN (National Shea Products Association of Nigeria) which was inaugurated by the Federal government of Nigeria in June 2012 to oversee the entire Shea butter Industry in Nigeria.

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Heard of DIMS?

Real network marketing systems have always been REFERRAL SYSTEMS where you have to introduce others to join the business under you thereby helping you climb to the top while you earn commensurate commissions according to the Company’s compensation policy. DIMS is one such network which pays its users at due time.

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Our Support

Focused precisely on the needs of our customers, we have a highly motivated team of support services are always available to attend to your needs. Strong backing from our proactive support departments contributes to our ability to deliver high quality reports on time.

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