LEXUS  CLUB consists of boards which follow each other in quick succession; members graduate through boards effortlessly and this is because their initial 3 downlines also graduate with them. This simply means that they do not need to introduce any fresh downlines in the new board.

However, you can join this board directly by skipping board 1.

How To Join Lexus Club Board 2 Directly.

  1. Pay distributor’s sign up fee of N10,000. (Ten Thousand Naira) only
  2. Buy DIMS HEALTH PRODUCTS worth N40,000 (Fourty Thousand Naira) only. 
  3.  Introduce THREE PERSONS UNDER YOU WITHIN 3 DAYS to do the same.
  4. If your downlines keep to the specified time, you shall cycle out of BOARD 2 into BOARD 3 within 10 days.

Study the table below;

1 3
2 9
3 27

NOTE: At this point you have accumulated 3, 646 PVs, DIMS pays you a commission of N400, 000; registers in Norland and Boss International.

Kindly check iMARKETING literature for our operating policies.