From the table of Dazzle Shea Butter Industries Ltd comes the solution to the current world’s economic recession; a carefully calculated strategy aimed at fighting poverty in the world, especially in African Countries. It’s called DAZZLE INDIRECT MARKETING SYNERGY (DIMS).

Network marketing systems which operate with products are still the best forms of marketing all over the world thus DAZZLE SHEA BUTTER INDUSTRIES LTD in collaboration with GOAL GETTERS BIZ HUB is proud to launch the simplest, yet most genuine Network Marketing scheme that will put smiles on the faces of all distributors of the scheme. You can call it network marketing but we call it DAZZLE INDIRECT MARKETING SYNERGY (DIMS)

Real network marketing systems have always been REFERRAL SYSTEMS where you have to introduce others to join the business under you thereby helping you climb to the top while you earn commensurate commissions according to the Company’s compensation policy. Genuine network marketing systems all over the world strive as more people join the business and the Company’s products are sold while the Company pays compensation from the proceeds of the products. DIMS is one of such real network systems that will stand the test of time as compensations are paid through the sales of our SHEA BUTTER PRODUCTS and all other products marketed by our Company hence we encourage everyone who believes in sustainability to join DIMS now.

DIMS now operates with BOARDS to allow for easy flow of persons through the various levels of the scheme. For smooth administration of DIMS and to the benefit of our distributors and would be distributors, we have decided to work in collaboration with GOAL GETTERS BIZ HUB.

The products of this scheme are listed below including our special gadgets, wears, home appliances and beauty products;

  1. 100% Raw Shea Butter;
  2. DazzleShea Hair Manure;
  3. DazzleShea Stretch Mark Butter;
  4. DazzleShea Kitty Butter;
  5. DazzleShea Breast Butter;
  6. DazzleShea Jimmy Butter;
  7. DazzleShea Balm;
  8. DazzleShea Facial Cleanser;
  9. DazzleShea Solid Black Soap;
  10. DazzleShea Liquid Black Soap;
  11. DazzleShea Kiddies Skin Watch;
  12. DazzleShea Exfoliating Salt;
  13. DazzleShea Cleansing Tea
  14. Pine Pollen Powder;
  15. He Shou Wu Powder;
  16. Pine Pollen Tincture;
  17. Coconut oil;
  18. Hair Booster;
  19. Carrot Oil;
  20. DazzleShea Hyaluronic Ageless Gel;
  21. DazzleShea Flawless Skin Oil;
  22. DazzleShea Body Milk
  23. DazzleShea Sleek Face;
  24. Chinese Detox Patch Pad


Please note that commissions in DIMS are paid by calculating between 25% and 50% of the total worth of products bought under each distributor at the last level of any of the boards of each Club of DIMS scheme.

Why DIMS is better, sweeter and simpler than any other network marketing scheme in the world

  1. In DIMS you can see the beginning of the scheme and the end but in other networks you can only see the beginning, you can never see the end.
  2. DIMS has between 2 and 3 levels only while other Network schemes have infinity levels.
  3. In DIMS the initial capital is very little and affordable to any business-minded person; minimum capital of N3,000 yet the commissions in all the classes of DIMS are very high, mouth watering and encouraging.
  4. The initial capital is affordable for everyone who is interested in starting business hence many people shall troop into the scheme.



  1. As a registered member of DIMS, it is required that you introduce two/three persons into the scheme (depending on your chosen class).
  2. You are also required to submit a list of 5 persons which we shall follow up on your behalf, making it easier for you to introduce your downlines.
  3. Every member of DIMS is expected to submit a QUALITY STUDIO PICTURE upon signing up. P.S. this picture shall be used for your AWARD FRAME when you are due for an award.

NOTE: if you have not submitted your picture as at when you are due for your award, your payment shall be deferred for 30 days.

  1. DIMS pay day shall be EVERY FRIDAY. This implies that all those who qualify in a week shall be paid on Friday of that week. However, for you to qualify for payment on Friday you must have completed your cycle on TUESDAY of that very week.
  2. All members are expected to upload their bank details on their dashboard to enable them receive their payment as and when due.
  3. All members of DIMS are admonished to like our social media pages; DIMS BIZ (on Facebook), as well as share all posts from that platform to further spread the news of DIMS, making it easier for more people to sign up.
  4. Please note that 5% VAT (any percentage the government fix per time) shall be deducted from all cash commission earnings.



N-Remedial Entry

Dims Lexus Club
Dims Lexus Club Board 2
Dims Lexus Club Board 3